Cross-cultural Consulting


According to studies, the ability of a company to exchange knowledge transnationally and interculturally is the core factor to sustainably prevail in the market (Morisini und Renaud 2003). Also the public sector, which equally depends on knowledge exchange and information flow, should increasingly focus on the cultural competence of its employees to show its commitment to effective communication between people from various cultures.

Opportunities and risks of globalisation are diverse. It is undisputed, however, that transnational business activities and dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds requires intercultural competence. In fact, intercultural competence forms the basis for successful global business and communication. It is crucial to realise though that the capacity to act in an intercultural context goes beyond the knowledge of foreign languages and international experience.

Culture is like an iceberg: the visible tip of the iceberg reflects the visible aspects of culture like art, food and drink, dress, rituals, manners and outward behaviour etc. while the invisible - and much bigger - part of the iceberg can be compared to the cognitive and emotional side of culture like hidden expectations or orientation toward time, space, communication etc..

An important step on the path to intercultural competence is thus the understanding of one’s own cultural imprint and the development of strategies to come to terms with one’s own culture as well as with the culture of others. This increases our ability to act in an international context and thus maximizes synergy potential and at the same time minimises conflict potential.

We thus include reflections and exercises on our own cultural background in all our seminars and presentations which are based on the latest scientific studies from the field of intercultural communication. The content is adapted to the corresponding core topic of the seminar (e.g. marketing, leadership, team building, education etc.).

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